Jesus is Coming Again!

Gathering Times & Services

Our Pastor is Charran Graham, a fourth generation Adventist and a defender of the true faith. Pastor Graham presents a sermon every Sabbath in the main sanctuary at 11am. Each service contains congregational singing, witnessing, praise and blessings and prayer requests. There is often special music. We have communion services four times a year with foot-washing and the traditional bread and juice of the grape.

The Vero Beach SDA hosts many Sabbath Keeping congregations. Unless noted otherwise, all meetings are in english. Find the one that fits your needs and please join us:


  • 8:30 & 9:30am– Spanish speaking congregation in the Main Sanctuary (
  • 9:30am- Adult Sabbath School (English) in the back room of the Fellowship Hall
  • 9:30am- Children’s Bible School in the classrooms past the women’s restroom in the north hallway of the main sanctuary. Parents are welcome to attend with their children.
  • 11am- Sabbath Service (English) in the Main Sanctuary
  • 11am– Creole Service in the Fellowship Hall
  • 12:30pm- Potluck in the back of the Fellowship Hall. Bring a healthy vegetarian dish if you like, or just join us for fellowship. There is always enough.
  • 2pm- UCG congregation’s services in the Fellowship Hall
  • 6pm- Vespers service in the Fellowship Hall with biblical games and short films.


  • 7pm– Prayer meeting- bring your requests and our prayer warriors will pray all week. Or, join your heart and voice with others as we pray to the Father through Jesus Christ.


  • 7pm- Vespers service in the Fellowship Hall features video sermons by renown SDA evangelists to greet the start of the Sabbath.

The Vero Beach SDA is a thriving and growing community. We hope you come and visit us and make a home here. Be sure to join us for our Fellowship Lunch after services on Saturday. Visitors are always welcome.